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Giving Back

{liam} Newborn Goodness

I love babies. 
their truly adorable little elbows and knees
fingers and toes
big eyes and those darling eyelashes. 

And this handsome boy was no exception......especially when he gives me shots like this:

Photographing the wee ones makes me want more of my own!

So much to catch up on

it's coming, I promise....and it includes this:

Snapping Away

Happily Mother After

I'm way behind on blogging sessions! But now that the cold weather has chased us indoors I'm planning on spending some serious time buckling down and getting caught up!

For today though, I have a precious little moment that I caught. My two year old adores trains. So this year we set up the model train set that my husband's parents gave him a while back. He is absolutely obsessed. This shot is my favorite this week simply for the fact that it's a rare quiet moment in this house of rumbles and tumbles.

All the train play sparked a fabulous idea for making Christmas morning extra special for my little soldier......want a clue? How about this:

Think you know what's going to be invading our living room on Christmas morning in defense of all those presents? You'll just have to check back and see!

Live Every Moment: Fall

Miss Ana was a part of a simply gorgeous family that I shot last weekend. The leaves and color are *almost* as bright as Miss Ana here :)

Sweet Shot Tuesday

My little guy was fascinated by the men on our street trimming trees. 

Bella just wanted to make sure they weren't coming on OUR yard. 

i heart faces: hands

I'm way behind on blogging! I think I'm going to have to kick the husband and little one out to the playground for a couple hours tomorrow so I can devote some daytime hours to getting caught up. :) They need a little man time anyway!

When I saw this week's iheartfaces theme- I immediately thought of this photo I took of a good friend's homecoming. There is an emotion, a meaning that homecoming photos just *vibrate* with. It's part of why I love taking them. This soldier's little girl wouldn't let go of Daddy's hand. And who could blame her?