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i heart faces- Smile


Ashley Sisk said...

What a cutie!

Siany said...

OMG this is adorable. I love how its in Black and White

Bradford4Him said...

A very sweet smile. However, I love baby chub more....he is simply adorable and makes me want to squeeze to those fantastic cheeks :-) Good job!

Kristen said...

Thank you!
@Siany- I loved the photo in color, but something just didn't pop the way I wanted it to. B&W was just the thing.
@Bradford4Him- lol...that's my favorite thing about that picture. He has the kind of smile that tends to dominate a picture, but this one you can really see the baby that's still in the toddler.

Anonymous said...

very cute! i enjoy the black and white and how it pops!

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