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Playing with photoshop actions

For my birthday, my husband gave me PSE9 (yay) and my wonderfully fabulous new camera. Well, the new camera was more a planned investment but it's more fun when it's for your birthday, you know?

I'm so incredibly pleased with both additions to my photography. I'm learning so much more about being really precise with my shooting and presenting the images in a more pleasing way.

Sweet Shot Day


Nicky Cahill said...

Hey there, Kristen, your photos are wonderful, I especially like the one's of the duck. The detail is awesome. Hope you really enjoy your new equipment. Nics

Danelle said...

Especially love your first one, the goose portrait (is there such a thing)? :) And I love all your frames and edits.

Sara said...

Wonderful photos!! I love your edits and finished product!

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