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i heart faces: hands

I'm way behind on blogging! I think I'm going to have to kick the husband and little one out to the playground for a couple hours tomorrow so I can devote some daytime hours to getting caught up. :) They need a little man time anyway!

When I saw this week's iheartfaces theme- I immediately thought of this photo I took of a good friend's homecoming. There is an emotion, a meaning that homecoming photos just *vibrate* with. It's part of why I love taking them. This soldier's little girl wouldn't let go of Daddy's hand. And who could blame her?


Stacie Hawley said...


Jenny Marlowe Marvin said...

Love this. I shot a homecoming for a girl in Colorado Springs and I was almost MORE emotional than she was about the whole event. Great pic

Amy Dawson said...

Happy shot !!! Thou sad at same time.. Makes me think of the fact he may need to leave again soon, or never return... What a sacrifice these families make for us as a nation... Always in our hearts...

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