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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Family (next week's Paper Mama theme) 
Our dogs are very much a part of the family, and of course have to be included in our snow fun.

Motion Blur (December 2010 Photo Hunt Item)
My horse playing in the falling snow. There was SO much movement in this shot.

Pretty Package (Kelly's Suggestion)
While it's not a great shot, this is so representative of this Christmas- fun, light.

Glow (Kelly's Suggestion): Not my first thought at "glow" but it was the word that popped in my head when I uploaded this picture of my son on Christmas Eve.

Sparkle (Kelly's Suggestion)


    Susan said...

    Aww what a cute family shot, I love the motion shot as well, and what a sweet glow!

    Christine said...

    I like your motion and sparkle shots!

    Ashley Sisk said...

    These are wonderful - I love your motion blur shot. What a beautiful horse.

    Style Attic said...

    Your family is adorable...animals and all!

    Seizing My Day said...

    fun package picture... gotta love those moments!

    Jenn said...

    Your glow shot is too cute! Love it... :)

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